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PVC foaming board extrusion line
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PVC foaming board extrusion line

Intelligent advanced control system, conical twin-screw extrusion technology, making the good quality board according different application
Features:Operate easily,running stably, intelligence

Model:CHD/MGL L=1220mm-2000mm

Production capacity:450kg/h-800kg/h

Applicable enterprise:Advertising industry, packaging industry, furniture industry, etc.

Product Introduction
Shanghai CHAMPION plastic machinery co., Ltd. Has been focusing on the R&D and production of plastic sheet extrusion machine.

The standard level of power consumption, intelligence and degree of automation of board extrusion production line, are in the front of industry.

Complete after-service system, from machine installation and testing to the production of high-quality sheet/board, and provide lifelong technical support.
Product Details

CHAMPION PVC foaming board extrusion line:


PVC foam board has various types, including free foaming board,crust foaming board(WPC board)and co-extrusion foaming board.


  • PVC free foam board, with general surface hardness, can be drilled, sawed, nailed, planed and glued like wood. It is widely used in advertising exhibition board, mounting board, silk printing, engraving, logo board, electronic instrument packaging, etc.


  • PVC crust foam (wood-plastic) board, with smooth surface and high hardness, is difficult to scratch. It is widely used in office furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, ceiling decoration, buildings and so on. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminium, composite board and density board.


  • PVC co-extruded foam board, using the latest technology, the surface color and hardness can be changed according to specific needs, the middle layer can be used full recycled materials, greatly reducing costs.


  • Intelligent advanced control system, from feeding system to final sheet cutting, using digital input and output settings, integrated control, more accurate and efficient.


  • The complete line is controlled by PLC. Adopt SIEMENS frequency servo controlling system and ethernet transmission technology to achieve high efficiency, high precision, high stability and high security. In case of equipment failure, we can locate the errors quickly and remote maintenance. Channel-level diagnosis and error analysis can be realized by HMI, which greatly reduces debugging and production downtime. High digital system makes debugging easier and maintenance more convenient.


  • The humanization design style makes the operation simpler and maintenance more convenient.










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